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Kevin Durant Flames Michael Rapaport In Profanity-Laced Instagram Messages

(via michaelrapaport)

(via michaelrapaport)

Kevin Durant's antics on social media have become old news at this point. For years, he has been clapping back at his critics in an un-filtered and emotional way. Sometimes he uses burner accounts, other times he doesn't.

But, on Tuesday, famous American actor and comedian, Michael Rapaport, posted some interesting photos about conversations between him and Durant, in which the Nets superstar went a little berzerk with his trash talk, threatening to fight and even bringing up Rapaport's wife.

It leaked over into Twitter as well...

Believe it or not, it's very possible (and some say likely) that this is all just an inside joke between Rap and KD. Not only is this totally something they would do, but some fans have noticed how ridiculous the whole thing is.

Of course, it hasn't stopped folk from dishing out criticism, which is being directed at both parties. People are mad at KD, for obvious reasons, but also at Rapaport for posting a private DM online.

Long story short, nobody can really come to an agreement as to who is in the right or wrong here. In fact, it's fair to say that nobody understands what, exactly, is even going on between the two.

Whatever it is, it's certainly firing a lot of people up...