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Kevin Durant Just Laughs As He Gets Booed At Euroleague Quarterfinals

Kevin Durant

There was a shocking lack of peace and friendship in Piraeus' "Peace and Friendship Stadium" on Wednesday.

With Olympiacos playing to a sold-out crowd for Game 5 of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Quarterfinals, Kevin Durant, who was in attendance for the match, was showered with heavy boos from the crowd.

All he could do was smile as the camera caught his reaction on live tv.

(via Eurohoops)

Kevin Durant had an awful showing in the 2022 playoffs. After producing numbers well below his average, his Nets got swept in Round 1 by the Boston Celtics. But that isn't the reason he was booed.

Durant was invited to the game by his friend and former Nets teammate Mike James, who now plays basketball for the AS Monaco Basket -- the current opponent of Olympiacos.

Durant showed up for Game 4 of the series in Monaco and obviously had a much warmer reception there.

The 2x NBA champion was spotted at a Euroleague match on Friday, making a quiet entrance to the arena. The European competition is currently going through its quarter-finals, and AS Monaco is facing a historic team in the competition, Olympiacos. During the first minutes of the 1st quarter, the Nets superstar showed up at the arena and was directed to sit courtside to watch the entertaining duel. 

For Durant, it seems he'll have extra time to enjoy these luxuries in light of his early playoff exit. But after 4 consecutive playoff losses, the former MVP has a busy summer ahead of him.

He will have a say in what happens to his team, and who sticks around to try and mount a long playoff run next year.

In the meantime, he's just living his best life as he travels the world, watches some games, and goes after his haters on social media.