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Kevin Durant Reacts To Klay Thompson's Workout Videos

Credit: ANDA CHU

Credit: ANDA CHU

Kevin Durant is one of the most outspoken players in the NBA. His social media activity reflects that. He's just not afraid to get into it with anybody in the world and let them know a piece of their mind.

That reputation has often made people misunderstand what he's trying to say. Even when he's reaching out to a friend, people believe that he's taking a shot at him.

That was the case when he took a friendly jab at Klay Thompson, who recently shared a workout video of him looking great during his rehab:

“I’m just happy to be making progress on the daily. Can’t wait to hoop again," Klay wrote on the post. “Toe jam that first shot," Durant replied.

It's clear that Durant and Thompson hold a close friendship since their days together with the Golden State Warriors. Durant is always trying to mess with him on social media and Thompson is just an easygoing guy who won't bite the bait.

On a more important note, it seems like Thompson is in game shape already. The Warriors are targeting the Christmas game for him to make his comeback, but it looks like his shot is as good as it's always been.

Thompson's backcourt defense and three-point shooting were a crucial part of the Warriors' recent success, and they've clearly missed him a lot. 

Klay hasn't been able to play since injuring his knee in the 2019 NBA Finals vs. the Toronto Raptors, and it doesn't seem like a coincidence that the Warriors haven't made the playoffs ever since.

Coming back from such a long layoff is tough and some players never get back to their former level. But if anyone can do it, that's definitely one of the Splash Brothers. We're rooting for you, Klay.