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Kevin Durant Slams Fan Criticizing Kyrie Irving: "You A Casual"

Kevin Durant Furthers Speculation Over Him And Kyrie Irving Talking About A Potential Return: “I’d Rather Keep Those Conversations In House Though.”

The new NBA season already started, and with it, Kevin Durant landed with his Twitter exchanges. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has been quiet on social media recently, but this morning that changed after he defended his controversial teammate Kyrie Irving. 

KD is always 'monitoring' social media to prove his points or shut people up, which is the case this time again. Andre Iguodala recently praised Kyrie, saying he's a top 20 player of all time, raising some eyebrows around the Twitter world. 

When one fan reacted to this and called Kyrie a 'hooper's hooper,' KD chimed in and defended his teammate like he only knows. 

"Kyrie really seems to be a hooper's hooper. I love Kyrie's game but hoopers LOVE Kyrie's game."

KD didn't like that and called the fan a casual for implying that his peers often overrate Irving. 

"Cuz u a casual [Because you’re a casual]," the 2x NBA champion replied. 

Kyrie has been one of the most polarizing stars in the league for quite some time. Now that he's refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, more people have jumped on the Kyrie slander train, blasting the veteran every day. 

Although Durant explained he'd like to have Irving back with the Nets, the player made it clear he's not enjoying the situation. After all, the New Yorkers started this season with a big loss against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night. 

They are considered title favorites for this season, even with Kyrie out of action. The Nets have KD and James Harden to lead the way, but still, having a superstar like Kyrie watching games from home doesn't sound good for them. 

Time will tell how this situation ends, but the Nets aren't on the best terms with the point guard. They need to work things out before it's too late and this issue gets bigger than it already is.