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Kevin Durant Went Back And Forth With Bucks Fans About Last Year's Playoff Game: "You Gotta Get A 1 Inch Smaller Shoe."

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is well-known as one of the best players in the league, and there's no doubt that he's an all-time great. He is an elite three-level scorer that can score on pretty much any defender.

While his basketball prowess is clearly the main thing Kevin Durant is renowned for, he is also viewed as an athlete that is willing to voice his opinion on and off the court, and he isn't afraid to ruffle feathers when speaking his mind. Draymond Green even called him the best trash talker in the league aside from himself.

Recently, Kevin Durant was spotted engaging in some trash-talking with Milwaukee Bucks fans about Game 7 of the Milwaukee Bucks-Brooklyn Nets series. The two were talking about a moment that happened near the end of the series, with Kevin Durant making a game-tying shot against the Bucks to send it to overtime. However, had his foot not been slightly on the line, the Brooklyn Nets would have likely won that Game 7. The Milwaukee Bucks ended up winning Game 7 in overtime.

Bucks fan: “Not this year, I'm talking about last year. You can't do that to us again!”

KD: “This year I'm just gonna win.”

Bucks fan: “You gotta get a 1" smaller shoe.”

There is no doubt that this was some light-hearted banter between Kevin Durant and the Bucks fan. He is clearly someone that likes the opportunity to interact with fans, which is what happened here.

The Brooklyn Nets are currently a play-in tier team, but it is possible that they'll end up making the playoffs outright by the end of the season. Even if they do have to compete in the play-in tournament, it's hard to imagine a team beating them there while Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are on the roster. It will be interesting to see just how far the Brooklyn Nets will go in the playoffs after a tumultuous regular season.