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Kevin Garnett On Kobe Not Being There For The Hall Of Fame Induction: “Not Having Kob’ Is Going To Affect Everybody… Kobe Not Being There Is Going To Be Super Emotional For Everybody."

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(via NBA)

Under other circumstances, Saturday would mark one of the biggest days in Los Angeles Lakers fans' lives. A day they were dreaming for decades and that they knew was going to happen eventually: Kobe Bryant's induction into the Hall of Fame.

Then again, considering that the Black Mamba is no longer with us, what was supposed to be a celebration is now most likely going to be full of sadness and nostalgia.

Even those who are to be honored and inducted into the class of 2020 will be with a heavy heart, as Kevin Garnett recently admitted that it's going to be super emotional for everybody in the ceremony:

"Not having Kob’ is going to affect everybody ... Kobe not being there is going to be super emotional for everybody," Garnett told Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Vanessa Bryant and Michael Jordan are going to present Kobe's induction. Needless to say, most people believe that this will be the most emotional ceremony yet, considering how important Bryant was to the basketball community.

It was over a year since Kobe left this world, yet the NBA world still mourns that loss as if it had happened just yesterday.

Kobe Bryant was one of the most influential human beings - not players - of all time, and his legacy transcended the basketball court. His mindset, determination, and desire to be better and make everybody else better made him a legend outside of the sports business as well.

It'll be nice to see Bryant get the honors and praise he deserves as we celebrate his incredible career and all the merits he did to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Then again, it'll also be yet another painful day for all those who grew up idolizing him, those who got to know him, and pretty much every single basketball fan in the world.