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Kevin O'Connor Says Anthony Davis Could Be Traded To Bulls In A Couple Of Years: "Who Knows What Will Happen As LeBron Approaches Age 40."

Kevin O'Connor Says Anthony Davis Could Be Traded To Bulls In A Couple Of Years: "Who Knows What Will Happen As LeBron Approaches Age 40."

Anthony Davis' current situation with the Los Angeles Lakers doesn't look promising. The veteran big man has been bothered by injuries and is currently sidelined after sustaining a knee injury a couple of days ago.

The last two seasons have been full of injuries for AD, and fans are already wondering if those issues and the decrease in his level will get him out of the Lakers. NBA analyst Jason Smith already dropped the idea of Davis finishing his tenure in Los Angeles via trade. Now, another writer has gone further, naming a team that could be AD's new home. 

Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer discussed this Davis situation, explaining that it's hard seeing the Lakers trading for a player LeBron James specifically wanted. 

“You can’t be totally sure of almost anything in th​​e NBA,” O’Connor detailed during a December 20 mailbag. “The no. 1 rule is to expect the unexpected. But it would be shocking if the Lakers decided it was time to dump him when LeBron James wanted Davis, a fellow client of Klutch Sports. Would AD want out of L.A.? Would Klutch want AD out?”

Moreover, O'Connor named the Chicago Bulls as a possible destination for Davis in a couple of years. The writer mentions that The Brow showed his interest in joining the Bulls in the future, which could open the door for him and the Lakers to reunite with a former player.

“I just don’t see it,” O’Connor added. “In a few years? Sure, why not. Who knows what will happen as LeBron approaches age 40. AD has already said he’d ‘definitely consider’ playing for his hometown Bulls if the opportunity presented itself. Totally speculating here, but maybe in a future hypothetical sign-and-trade, AD-to-Chicago would be Lonzo Ball’s path back to Los Angeles.”

This is an interesting idea from O'Connor, but as he first stated, it's hard to see the Lakers moving Davis right now. Still, if this situation doesn't get any better and the Lakers keep struggling, perhaps the front office will think about making some changes either with or without LeBron on the roster. 

AD's level has drastically decreased since the 2021 NBA playoffs. Injuries have been ruthless to him, but the player is still capable of doing great things on the court. He has taken the blame for the Lakers' recent struggles, and perhaps when he comes back, he'll be ready to prove his doubters wrong. That's what everybody expects and Davis must be hearing all the noise. It's time to take things personally.