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Kevin Porter Jr. Reveals He'll Be The Rockets' Starting Point Guard And Wants To Average 10 Assists A Game

Houston Rockets Players Yelled At Kevin Porter Jr. To Get The Rebound To Complete His First Ever Triple-Double

The Houston Rockets traded away James Harden during the 2020-21 season, which forced the franchise to start a rebuild. Luckily, they already have some solid young players who could potentially become their stars in the future.

One of those players is Kevin Porter Jr., who has had a solid first season with the Houston Rockets, averaging 16.6 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 6.3 APG. He even had a 50 point, 11 assist game. It is clear that Porter Jr. has improved since his Cleveland Cavaliers days, and many have suggested that the Cavaliers were simply not a good situation for a player like him.

Kevin Porter Jr. could potentially make another big step next season, and it seems as though he has already set some lofty goals for himself. When speaking to reporter Cayleigh Griffin, Kevin Porter divulged that he would be the starting point guard for the Rockets this season and that his goal is to average 10 assists a game this season.

Kevin Porter Jr. is a pretty good playmaker, and it's certainly a good thing that he is setting high standards for himself on the court. But averaging 10 assists in the NBA isn't easy, and only a couple of players have managed to do that over the course of a regular season over the last few years. While it is quite possible that we see a further improvement in Porter Jr's playmaking, it is unlikely that he'll achieve his goal.

If he does manage to achieve his goal though, he'll certainly draw more attention from the general public. Perhaps Kevin Porter Jr. will even get an improved 2K22 rating, and he's blasted Ronnie 2K about his paltry 77 overall before while questioning why the game has rookies ranked higher than him. Kevin Porter Jr. is certainly a talented player who has been underrated across the league: perhaps this is the year he wakes everyone up.