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Klay Thompson Goes Full 'Michael Jordan Mode,' Pledges Allegiance To Steve Kerr

Klay Thompson Goes Full 'Michael Jordan Mode', Pledges Allegiance To Steve Kerr

The Golden State Warriors have a whole lot going for them. They have a 2x MVP in Stephen Curry, a multiple-time All-Defensive player in Draymond Green, and a reliable sharpshooter in Klay Thompson who can keep things moving when Curry goes cold.

Of course, they also have head coach Steve Kerr, who manages to bring the best out of everybody.

In a recent chat on the Draymond Green Show, Warriors veteran Klay Thompson spoke about Kerr and his importance to the Warriors' success. Here is what he said:

(via NBC Sports):

"Man, I did tell Steve Kerr at the NBA TV podium, I told him, 'You know, I'm going full Michael Jordan.' I'm aligning myself with Steve, I ain't playing for anybody else but Steve," Thompson said on "The Draymond Green Show." "That's the plan and it would be weird to be in another uni, so I'm just grateful to be up here and to be mentioned with the Lakers, Celtics and the Bulls. Now we're there."

Klay is taking a page from MJ's book here. Back in 1997, Jordan gave the Bulls an ultimatum: keep Phil Jackson around or he was going to walk away for good.

"I'll retire if they trade Scottie Pippen. (...) Jerry Krause announced on national tv that this is Phil Jackson's last year as coach. (...) If that's true and it's Phil Jackson's last year, then it's my last year," Jordan told the campers.

Klay obviously doesn't have the same pull as Jordan did, but the Warriors have no good reason to get rid of Steve Kerr, anyway. He speaks to these guys in a way nobody else can, and they have had incredible success with him on the sidelines.

The day Steve Kerr calls it quits is probably the same day this incredible Warriors dynasty ends for good.