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Klay Thompson Shares His First Experience Meeting Michael Jordan: "I Don't Think I Said A Word."

Klay Thompson Shares His First Experience Meeting Michael Jordan: "I Don't Think I Said A Word."

Michael Jordan is an icon in the truest sense of the word. Jordan mesmerized the whole world with his incredible skill and talent during his legendary stint in the NBA. Many young kids who grew up during Jordan’s time in the NBA idolized him. And one NBA player got the chance to meet him while he was a young kid.

Former NBA Champion Klay Thompson spoke about his experience meeting Michael Jordan for the first. 

Klay’s father Mychal Thompson, who was a former NBA champion in his own right, took Klay and his brother to go watch the Chicago Bulls play during the 1997-98 NBA season. Klay recounts how enthralling it was to meet MJ, and how he was left speechless while in his presence. But the experience was incredible for Klay Thompson.

“I think the year was 1997-98, it was the last championships that the team won together. I do remember the hype and hysteria that came with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and company. I remember my dad taking us to the back, waiting in the tunnel. We just wanted to see Scottie and Michael so bad. I don’t think I said a word but just the fact that I was able to be there and meet the legend himself was so motivating for me. I was able to tell all my friends when I went to school. I will forever cherish that memory and I can always tell my peers, my future kids, that I was able to meet Michael Jordan in his prime and see the Chicago Bulls play, and it was truly an honor and something I will never forget.”

It’s evident how much of an influence Jordan had on Klay Thompson. Much like MJ, Klay Thompson is a shooting guard and a great two-way player. While he isn’t on the level of MJ, Klay has been a superstar in the NBA, becoming a multiple-time All-Star and winning 3 NBA championships.

On top of that, Thompson was part of the legendary Golden State Warriors team that went on to break the 1996 Chicago Bulls’ regular-season record of 72-10 and set the new best record in NBA history with 73-9. Klay has found a lot of success in the NBA over the years and is considered one of the most underrated guards in NBA history.