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Klay Thompson Went To The Ocean To Rejuvenate Himself Before Game 5: "The Ocean Heals The Body, Mind, And Soul."

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has shown glimpses since his return that he can still be the player he once was, one of the hottest hands in the league and one of the greatest shooters the game has ever seen. It's not quite happened for him in the NBA Finals yet, though, with Klay struggling to stamp his authority on games and Curry having to carry the team through the first 4 games. 

Thompson isn't someone that slumps for too long generally, though, and with the championship now essentially coming down to 3 games, Klay has to find a way to unleash himself. And while he has already begun his attempts at the process, his latest effort involves sharing an Instagram story of himself out on his boat with an inspiring message. 

"The ocean heals the mind, body, and soul."

Thompson was recovering from injury for over 2 years thanks to consecutive terrible injuries to his legs that saw him miss some serious NBA action. During this time, Klay was often observed on his boat in the Bay, and it seems to be his go-to place when he needs to find himself and focus on getting back to his best on the basketball court. 

Thompson has scored more than 20 points just once in 4 games during this series, and that needs to change as early as Game 5. If the Warriors lose at home, they will have to travel to Boston needing a win just to stay alive in that hostile arena. That's not something they can afford. 

One thing that will give heart to Klay is that one way or another, there will be a Game 6, which means there will be an opportunity for him to once again come out as 'Game 6 Klay', a moniker he has earned by delivering at that stage endlessly. Maybe his ocean boost can carry him to an elite Game 5 performance to set up a championship-clinching one for Game 6. What will happen remains to be seen.