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Kobe Bryant And LeBron James Shared A Phone Call Late Saturday Night After James Passed Kobe On All-Time Scoring List

(via The Spun)

(via The Spun)

LeBron James has yet to make a public statement in wake of the Kobe tragedy.

As he entered the league in 2003, Kobe was a figure he looked up to as be blossomed into a star himself. Though they were pitted as major rivals, Kobe and Bron always had major respect for each other.

When LeBron passing Bryant for 3rd on the NBA's All-Time scoring list, just the night before the devastating ordeal, he and Kobe apparently shared a phone call about the major milestone.

Obviously, at the time, Bron had no idea it would be the last chat he'd ever have with his friend. Not even a day after the call, the life of Bryant and his daughter GiGi would come to an end as a result of the helicopter crash.

For Bron, it must have felt like a sucker punch. To find out about Kobe's death just hours after you had a phone call with him? It's tough to imagine how he's feeling, and it may have to do with why he's been so quiet.

Hopefully, James and all o fthose affected are able to find peace with the situation.