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Kobe Bryant Challenged Nikola Jokic To Win The MVP Two Years Ago, He Is Now The Favorite For The Award


Nikola Jokic is on the verge of becoming the 2021 NBA MVP after a terrific campaign with the Denver Nuggets. The Serbian big man has improved his game season after season, and this one, he's part of the elite in the league. 

Although we had more candidates, injuries respected Jokic and let him become one of the 11 players to play the entire 72 games this season. As a result, he's about to become the MVP of the league, fulfilling the challenge that Kobe Bryant issued for him two years ago. 

As part of his #MambaMentality Challenges, the Los Angeles Lakers legend asked gave Jokic the challenge of winning the MVP award in two years. This happened in 2019, and the Joker is ready to reach the goal. 

At that year, Kobe challenged D'Angelo Russell to become an All-Star (which he did), Paul George to be the DPOY and Jokic to win the coveted award. 

Well, it took more than Kobe expected, but Jokic is almost there. Finally, the center could emulate him and five other players, becoming the sixth player to win the MVP award without missing any regular-season game (via Redditor "Claustecter1015"). 

  • Kobe Bryant (2009)
  • Kevin Garnett (2004)
  • Tim Duncan (2002)
  • Michael Jordan (1998)
  • Karl Malone (1996)

If he wins the award, Jokic will become the lowest-drafted player to do so, surpassing Giannis Antetokounmpo and Steve Nash by a lot. The Greek and the Canadian were drafted 15th overall, while Jokic was the 41st selection in 2014. 

Kobe was an inspiration for everybody. We're pretty sure Jokic still remembers what the Black Mamba told him to do. He'll try to lead the Denver Nuggets to the promised land this season and confirm that he's the best player in the league.