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Kobe Bryant Trash Talked Luis Scola In Spanish So Hard That LeBron James Had To Tell Him To Chill

Kobe Bryant Trash Talked Luis Scola In Spanish So Hard That LeBron James Had To Tell Him To Chill

Trash-talking is one of the most important aspects of basketball. Oftentimes, it isn't the performance of the player on the court, but the things he says to his opponents that help determine the outcome of the game. Basketball has seen a lot of great trash talkers over the years. But perhaps no one was more relentless in his trash-talking in the modern era than Kobe Bryant. Bryant was one of the most fiercely competitive players in NBA history. And a big part of that was his ability to trash talk and get inside his opponents' heads. But sometimes, Kobe could get carried away in what he said.

One of these times was during the 2008 Olympics. Team USA traveled to Beijing with the squad now known as the 'Redeem Team'. After a few outings in the Olympics where the US floundered, the NBA's best took the trip to Beijing to secure gold for their nation. The squad was headed up by veteran leader Kobe Bryant, who was the reigning MVP at the time, and a young superstar in the form of LeBron James. The duo were very clearly the leaders of the unit and helped keep each other in check.

In a game against Argentina, Kobe Bryant decided to try and mess with Argentinian star Luis Scola. Bryant, who spoke fluent Spanish because of his wife Vanessa, chose to insult Scola in his native language. However, Scola wasn't backing down, as he responded "Speak in English, you do that better". That led Kobe to ramp up his trash-talking, telling him "I'mma show you what language I speak...I'll make sure you understand this." 

Sensing an escalation, LeBron James gestured to Kobe Bryant to relax a little, and keep it on the court. Sure enough, the very next play, Bryant got the ball off of a turnover and ran across the court for the emphatic dunk as Scola could do nothing from behind him. 

Bryant was one of the greatest trash-talkers in the game, and memories such as these show why his trash-talking was great. He was able to get inside his opponent's head without ever getting personal. But more importantly, he was able to back up everything he said - the most important part of trash-talking.