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Kobe Bryant's Game-Worn High School Jersey Could Sell For Over $200,000

Kobe Bryant's Game-Worn High School Jersey Could Sell For Over $200,000

Kobe Bean Bryant was one of the most popular and widely recognized superstars to ever play in the NBA. Besides two decades of greatness, he patented the legendary "Mamba mentality" that helped inspire an entire generation of people.

Today, Kobe isn't around anymore, having passed away in January of 2020. But his legacy lives on, and the artifacts he left behind are being highly valued by the NBA community.

One such "artifact" is one of his game-worn High School jerseys from Lower Merion, which one auction house expects to sell for over $200,000.

(via TMZ)

Before Kobe Bryant's 33,643 points, 18 All-Star games and 5 NBA titles, he was a star high school hooper at Lower Merrion HS in Philly ... and now the jersey Mamba rocked just hit the block.

... and the auction house selling the threads believes it could sell for over $200K!!

Ass good as Bryant was in the NBA, he was impressing folk as early as High School when he was absolutely dominating opponents as a teenager.

Bryant would become one of the few players to make the transition to the league straight from grade school, and the star would quickly emerge as one of the best in the game.

Today, Bryant's career is widely celebrated and hailed by fans, the media, and former players alike, and it's honestly no surprise that somebody would be willing to pay that much money for a game-worn jersey that is over two decades old at this point.