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Kyle Kuzma Is Looking For A New Job After 10 Days Of Quarantine

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The coronavirus crisis has stopped the world and sent everybody home until everything is under control. That includes the NBA and its players, who are struggling to find ways to be entertained while in quarantine. We’ve seen several stars doing any activity to kill time while this all gets solved, but even they get bored at home.

Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma is one of those people tired of staying at home and now is looking for more options to get distracted and distract other people. On day 10 of quarantine, the forward posted a series of pictures on Instagram, wondering if two of the biggest fashion retail companies had any open vacancy.

“Day 10 quarantine thoughts: tryna see if fashion nova men or pretty little thing hiring I gotta white wall and a camera 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 well at least it’s sunny today,” he wrote.

It’s unclear if Kuzma will be a model or just a photographer, but the man is keeping his option open amid this coronavirus crisis. Before the season was suspended, Kuzma and his Lakers were dominating the league, winning big games and being considered the best team in the association.

All their assets are getting the rest they need to return stronger than before, including Kuzma. He looks ready to find a new job in the meantime, but there is no doubt this guy is keen to return to the hardwoods.