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Kyle Kuzma Jokes With Draymond Green After He Made Top-10 In All-Time Finals Assists: "Listen, I Could DHO It To Steph As Well."

kyle kuzma draymond green

Draymond Green is one of the best passing forwards in the league. There's no doubt that his passing is key to the Golden State Warriors' offensive system working, as he consistently finds Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry for open shots.

After Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Draymond Green moved up to be 10th on the all-time NBA Finals assists list. Green reacted to his achievement, claiming that it isn't "half bad" for someone who supposedly "can't pass".

Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma joked with Draymond Green following his achievement, hilariously saying that he "could DHO" to Stephen Curry just like Draymond Green does. DHOs or dribble handoffs are a key part of the Golden State Warriors' offense.

Listen bro I can DHO it to Steph as well congrats!!!!

Obviously, Kyle Kuzma is poking fun at the fact that a lot of Draymond Green's assists come from dribble handoffs to Stephen Curry. However, there's no question that the Golden State Warriors simply wouldn't be as successful without Draymond Green, and there's no Warriors dynasty without him. Obviously, passing to a superstar like Stephen Curry will generally garner a player more assists, but there is a lot of skill involved in executing the Warriors' system as Draymond Green does.

The Golden State Warriors are back in the Finals this year, and there's no doubt that Draymond Green played a big role in making that happen. He is the anchor of their defense, and he has been crucial with his defense against superstars and in shutting down opponents' offenses as a whole. Hopefully, we continue to see him perform at a high level. Draymond Green has already expressed confidence that the Warriors would win this year's championship, and we'll see if they are able to do so, and lift their 4th title in the Stephen Curry era.