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Kyrie Irving Breaks His Silence And Posts Cryptic Picture On Instagram

Kyrie Irving Breaks His Silence And Posts Cryptic Picture On Instagram

Kyrie Irving has been quiet for some time now, after making a statement over his decision not to get vaccinated. Kyrie refusing to take the vaccine has meant the Brooklyn Nets having to drop him from the team, as he is only eligible to play half their games.

Kyrie was a big part of the Nets' plan this season. He was supposed to join Kevin Durant and James Harden, as the trio would run it back in their hunt for an NBA championship. But his decision to not take the vaccine has resulted in the Nets being significantly hampered so far this season.

Irving's name came up a lot this week, especially when a crowd of people stormed the Barclays Center protesting Irving's exclusion from the team. They came out to support Kyrie Irving, and stand up for his right to choose whether he wants to get vaccinated or not.

Irving made no comment on this and faced condemnation from analysts for not disowning the protestors. Many believe that Irving should have come out and condemned the protestors for trying to storm the Barclays Center in his name.

But Irving has seemingly broken his silence, with a cryptic post on Instagram. Irving posted a picture of the symbol of the Lakota Sun-Earth connection, perhaps acknowledging his Native American roots with it. The post appears to have nothing to do with the recent protests, or his decision not to get vaccinated.

Kyrie is an excellent offensive player, and had great numbers last season, averaging 26 points and 6 assists a game last season. And his absence is clearly felt in Brooklyn right now, especially with James Harden performing really poorly. But Harden seemingly came out and called for patience, as he looks to find his form back.

Kevin Durant came out after the Nets' loss to the Miami Heat and openly admitted that he and the team miss Kyrie Irving. And it is very difficult for them right now to play without one of their best players. But until Irving chooses to get vaccinated, the Nets will have to find a way to win consistently without him.