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Protesters Storm Barclays Center In Support Of Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

Even with the start of the new season, Kyrie Irving continues to make headlines for his current antics in Brooklyn.

In his refusal to bow to current New York City mandates, Irving has disqualified himself from playing this season which has helped spark countless debates and conversations regarding his stance.

On Sunday, however, New York City protesters decided to show their support for Kyrie in a loud and disruptive way, storming Barclay's center in a dramatic fashion.

(via FOX News)

Matland described the burgeoning movement as a "widely diverse group" united under the goal of stopping what they regard as an infringement on their personal liberties.

Nearly 1,000 people converged on Times Square last Saturday for a "Broadway Rally for Freedom" to protest the city’s draconian vaccine mandate.

Participants carried signs reading "No mandates … My Body, My Choice" and another demanding "equal rights for vaxxed" and "unvaxxed."

Officials at the arena were able to restore order pretty quickly, but the whole thing just goes to show how big this whole controversy is.

In fact, reports are indicating that the Nets may be open to moving on from Kyrie entirely.

Daryl Morey has called all over the league, talked to teams about star players everywhere, trying to find a deal for Ben Simmons. One team he has not called I'm told is the Brooklyn Nets. He has not lobbed a call to Sean Marks, their GM about Kyrie Irving.

Brooklyn I'm told has taken incoming calls from teams on Kyrie Irving, but they have not themselves made any calls about Irving.

Brooklyn and Philadelphia with these two players in limbo, they have not talked to each other about a Simmons for Kyrie Irving trade.

While it appears a Simmons for Irving swap is off the table at the moment, anything could happen in these next few weeks.

It will also be interesting to see how Irving's stance will continue to shake the debate surrounding public health mandates.