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Adrian Wojnarowski Reveals The Brooklyn Nets Have Taken Calls On Kyrie Irving

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Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving will not be able to play any games for the Brooklyn Nets this season, and that certainly hurts the Brooklyn Nets' quest for a championship. While the Nets do still have Kevin Durant and James Harden, it's clear that they're not the same team without Kyrie Irving.

One solution to the situation would be Kyrie Irving getting traded. Kyrie Irving is obviously a good player and an All-NBA caliber performer, but it's clear that having some players available to play is better than having 0 games from Irving.

Adrian Wojnarowski has recently revealed that the Brooklyn Nets have "taken calls" about Kyrie Irving, though he adds that they haven't actually placed any calls themselves. However, this suggests that the Brooklyn Nets are at least somewhat open to the possibility of a trade.

Daryl Morey has called all over the league, talked to teams about star players everywhere, trying to find a deal for Ben Simmons. One team he has not called I'm told is the Brooklyn Nets. He has not lobbed a call to Sean Marks, their GM about Kyrie Irving.

Brooklyn I'm told has taken incoming calls from teams on Kyrie Irving, but they have not themselves made any calls about Irving. 

Brooklyn and Philadelphia with these two players in limbo, they have not talked to each other about a Simmons for Kyrie Irving trade.

The Kyrie Irving for Ben Simmons blockbuster trade has been floated all across the internet, though Adrian Wojnarowski stated that there has been no contact between the two franchises. As Wojnarowski mentions though, the two players are both "in limbo" and perhaps a trade could help both franchises out.

It remains to be seen if the Brooklyn Nets do end up trading Kyrie Irving, or whether they're just listening to calls to gauge their options. Hopefully, this situation is resolved soon, whether with a Kyrie Irving trade or otherwise.