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Kyrie Irving Gets Heavily Booed In Boston For Game 3

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Kyrie Irving has a pretty complicated history with Boston.

He was there for two seasons as their best player, leading the franchise to prosperity for much of his tenure.

But after telling the team, and fans, that he'd re-sign, he would depart just months later, leaving behind a city and organization that felt betrayed and backstabbed by his exit.

Now, as the Celtics try to grab a win against Brooklyn in Game 3, Kyrie is hearing all that negative energy from Celtics fans, who rained down heavy boos as soon as he stepped on the court.

Kyrie has already addressed his return to Boston in a press conference when he hoped for a welcome that was "free from racism."

Whether Irving was serious or was just trying to control the narrative, it's clear that he's not very well-liked in the city at all, and for good reason.

He left them behind months after verbally vomiting to stay. Worse still, he went and created his own superteam in the same conference, making his squad a direct obstacle to Boston's own title hopes.

In this series, especially with the Celtics extremely shorthanded, it's highly unlikely that Boston wins the series. They're just outmatched in every way.

But in a few years, when the Celtics get healthy and stronger, it will be quite the scene to watch the two battle it out.