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Kyrie Irving Posts A Statement On His Instagram: “I Am Human. No Different Than You. I Am Healing.”

(via NetsDaily)

(via NetsDaily)

After going AWOL on the Nets and causing an uproar by the NBA community, Kyrie Irving returned to his team today like everything was no big deal at all.

On Instagram, the Nets guard posted a statement in retaliation that many couldn't help but shake their heads at...

If you know Irving and all of his antics over the years, you'll know that this type of behavior isn't really anything new. In the past, the star has always described himself as "woke," and an "artist" who is trying to bless the world with his revelations on life.

Those comments, mixed with tellings of the Illuminati, and flat-earth conspiracy theories, have given Kyrie quite the strange reputation.

Regardless of how you feel about him, Irving has become a major distraction to the Nets this season, and even those at the top of the organization were running low on patience.

Whatever his recent Instagram post means, it's clear that nothing has changed about Uncle Drew. This is the same dude he has been for years, and there's really no telling what we can expect from him going forward.