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Kyrie Irving Speaks About Dealing With The Media: "Dealing With It In My Shoes Is Difficult At Times, I'll Be Honest."

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the world, generally regarded as a player that has elite ballhandling ability and shot creation. Though he was a part-time player with the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving was spectacular in the games that he did play, averaging 27.4 PPG, 4.4 RPG, and 5.8 APG. 

Throughout his career, Kyrie Irving has had a frosty relationship with basketball media members. He has frequently attacked the media as a group, once telling people to come to talk to him when they're ready to "break free from the media's control".

"When you’re ready to Break free from the media’s control over your subconscious thoughts and emotions, meet me on One of my platforms and let’s chop it up. We the A11Even tribe, love our conversations about the truth and what is truly happening. Welcome to the PARADIGM shift."

There is no doubt that Kyrie Irving dislikes media members as a whole. Obviously, some of that is understandable, as he is frequently attacked by various NBA analysts. However, it is clear that most media members are simply doing their jobs, rather than trying to control anyone, as he suggested.

Kyrie Irving Opens Up On His Relationship With The Media

Most recently, Kyrie Irving was featured on the latest episode of The Shop. In that episode, he talks about a variety of things, including what the pressure is like when playing with LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

One of the things that happened during that episode is Kyrie Irving opening up about his relationship with the media, claiming that "dealing with it" can be "difficult at times". However, he did note that there are times "where light shines through the truth".

“It comes with it... Dealing with it in my shoes is difficult at times, I'll be honest. But there are times where light shines through the truth and you have to spread it out. I do my best to be available and give that invite to all walks of life.”

Obviously, the consistent media attention and reporting on the game is part of what makes basketball popular and fun for fans. However, there are times when the media does deserve to be criticized for the way they cover certain players. 

Hopefully, we see Kyrie Irving and media members find ways to coexist without friction going forward. Perhaps we will see Kyrie Irving available for more interviews in the future, and it'd be interesting to hear more from the point guard's perspective.