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Kyrie Irving's Epic Response To Courtside Cavs Fans: "Got Y'all A Championship And Motherf**kers Still Ungrateful."

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving's return to the court has been a welcome development for the Brooklyn Nets. With Kevin Durant and James Harden constantly moving in and out of the lineup, Irving's presence (even if part-time) will help them stay near the top of the standings amid uncertain times.

Irving's return is also emboldening his biggest haters to voice their grievances in person.

On Monday, Uncle Drew returned to Cleveland for the first time in a while and it became abundantly clear that Cavs fans still harbor some resentment for the point guard. All throughout the game, fans were throwing insults all kinds of insults at the star. In the end, it wasn't the fans who went viral.

In a clip that is making its rounds online, Kyrie's epic response to these hecklers is revealed, and it's a truly amazing moment to witness on camera. Check it out:

“Got y’all a championship and motherf**kers still ungrateful.”

Kyrie is a pretty controversial figure in the NBA, and his departure from Cleveland wasn't the prettiest. But, perhaps, fans ought to show him a little more appreciation.

While LeBron James was the main catalyst for the Cavs' success, they could not have won the title without Irving, who stepped up as a major contributor throughout their playoff run in 2016. He even hit a clutch three that helped the Cavaliers seal victory in the Finals.

It would be a while (years) before he'd make his way to Brooklyn, but he burned plenty of bridges along the way.

"I just think people don't like Kyrie because he wanted to leave Cleveland and he wanted to leave Boston," said Kevin Durant. "I don't think it's any deeper than that. He doesn't harm anyone. He hasn't said anything that's disrespectful to anybody. His game is beautiful to watch. I just think people don't like the decisions on where he chooses to play."

The Cavs do finally seem to be heading in the right direction, so perhaps the franchise will get their revenge on Irving the right way.

In the meantime, they only have that 2016 title to look back on and it wouldn't have been possible without Kyrie. As much as he seems to ignite debate, his talent and impact on the court cannot be denied, and they certainly shouldn't be discredited.