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Lakers Fans Are Mad After Team Loses To Clippers: "Time To Blow It Up And Rebuild."

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LeBron James Warns The NBA To Not Count Him And The Los Angeles Lakers: "Until You Bury Me 12-Feet Under, I Got A Chance. That's My Confidence... As Long As We Got More Games To Play, We Still Have A Chance."

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a very inconsistent team this year. While they've had flashes of brilliance as a squad, there have been a lot of games where their offense was subpar and their defensive effort was mediocre. As a result, they are currently a play-in tier team.

Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers ended up losing to the Los Angeles Clippers with a final score of 105-102. There's no doubt that this was a tough pill to swallow for the team, as there were times when they were comfortably in the lead.

Lakers fans ended up reacting to their team's loss, with many of them being angry at the team for losing to their Los Angeles rivals. Some of the fans in the comments elected to blame coach Frank Vogel for this loss.

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Time is very much running out for the Los Angeles Lakers. A lot of analysts are very low on them, with Stephen A. Smith recently claiming that their ceiling is a first-round exit. With the way they are playing now, there is definitely a chance that they don't even make the playoffs.

Traditionally, one wouldn't count out a LeBron James-led team, as he has shown that he can carry a team on his own during his prime. It is still possible that LeBron James will figure out how to win with this squad, but it seems like a very distant possibility.

Perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers will find ways to improve. They are missing Anthony Davis, but losing to a Clippers team without any All-Stars currently is definitely not optimal. They stayed pat at the trade deadline, so this is the roster that they have to win with until the offseason. Perhaps they could add a free agent from the buyout market, but it seems unlikely that a veteran would join a non-contender. With that being said, there's a small chance that they do put it together in the coming weeks.