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Lakers Fans React To Team Getting Blown Out By Bucks: "This Whole Team Doesn't Defend For S*it."

Anthony Davis On Playing Without LeBron James: “It Sucks Not Having Him But It Gives Us A Chance To See What We Have Without Him."

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently faced yet another setback in their attempt to climb the standings. The Milwaukee Bucks have recently defeated them in Arena, with the game finishing 131-116.

Despite a fantastic performance from LeBron James, who tallied 29 points, 5 rebounds, and 8 assists, the Lakers were never really in the game. They also got a 22 point and 9 rebound performance from Anthony Davis, as well as 20 points and 5 assists from Malik Monk. It is clear that changes need to be made if the Los Angeles Lakers want to win.

Lakers fans reacted to the game against Bucks, with many criticizing the team for their subpar performance. There's no question that this was a game that the Los Angeles Lakers could have potentially won given their talent, but that just didn't end up happening.

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Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers can make a move or two to figure out a way to make this roster work. They are in a challenging position right now though, as they aren't in a flexible position to make trades currently. That is due to most of their cap space being consolidated in their stars' contracts, and they also have a low amount of trade pieces, as they previously traded away a large portion of their draft capital and young prospects to acquire Anthony Davis. 

However, that doesn't mean that the Los Angeles Lakers can't improve via addition. The Los Angeles Lakers could potentially get some solid veterans to join them if those veterans get bought out by their teams in the future, and hopefully, we see them add some players who can provide shooting and defense to help their stars.

It remains to be seen how the rest of the season will go for the Los Angeles Lakers. Some have expressed optimism in the past about the Lakers potentially being able to put it together and go on a run. However, the chances of that seem lower by the day, and with the trade deadline coming up, we'll see how the Los Angeles Lakers decide to try and improve.