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LaMelo Ball On What Former Player He'd Love To Play With: "Michael Jordan. The Owner Of Charlotte Hornets."

LaMelo Ball On What Former Player He'd Love To Play With: 'Michael Jordan. The Owner Of Charlotte Hornets."

LaMelo Ball and Michael Jordan's lives crossed when the Charlotte Hornets drafted the talented point guard in 2020. Melo was selected as the 3rd overall pick last year, although not many people believed he could have impacted his team. 

Melo is now on his second season in the league, enchanting fans and rivals with his flashy playstyle and incredible passes. Last season, he already made a statement, winning the Rookie of the Year by a landslide and leading the Hornets to the play-in tournament, where the Indiana Pacers easily handled them. 

This season, he's trying to improve his performances and take his team to the playoffs. That job won't be easy, but the player is confident in his team. The Hornets were close to making the cut last season, and this one should be better for them. However, the Eastern Conference is stacked now, making things hard for this squad. 

Melo still has good players around him, but if he had help from the Hornets' owner, things would look even more promising for the player and the rest of the team. Ball and his boss, Michael Jordan, have been really close since the player landed in Charlotte, with Melo calling him 'Unc' when they talk

He's a big admirer of Jordan and recently picked the Chicago Bulls legend as the former player he'd like to play with. Answering a Tik Tok comment, Melo responded that he'd like to join forces with MJ. 

"Michael Jordan. The owner of the Charlotte Hornets," Melo replied. 

Even though fans joked that he had to say that or he'd get traded, it's not a secret that the 20-year-old is a big fan of Jordan. Their relationship is also excellent, as the Hornets GM revealed they 'talk and text all the time,' so you know this young man is impressing his boss. 

MJ praised the youngest Ball brother, saying he surpassed the team's expectations and proved to be a terrific pick for the franchise. The future looks great for this franchise. Even though they won't have Michael Jordan suiting up (presumably), they have a terrific player in LaMelo. 

Pieces like Miles Bridges, PJ Washington, Terry Rozier and others make this team an exciting one for the present and the future.