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LeBron James Got Blasted For Promoting A New Show During Michael Jordan's 'The Last Dance' Documentary

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

LeBron James got crushed on Sunday night for picking the wrong moment to promote a new show. The Los Angeles Lakers star tweeted about watching NBC’s game show The Last Wall at the same time the 10-part docuseries was airing, a show he's producing. Well, that wasn't well-received by fans and everybody went off on James for his strategy.

It was revealed that Jordan agreed to release the footage used in the documentary the same day the Cleveland Cavaliers threw a parade to celebrate their NBA championship in 2016. That move helped Jordan as the reaction to the first two episodes of the docuseries was great, but we can't say the same about Bron and his invitation to see this new show.

He received a lot of criticism and fans told him to be quiet and watch 'The Last Dance' documentary, while others try to remind him that Jordan is the 'real GOAT'.

This is something odd as James was one of the people pushing ESPN to release the docuseries earlier than expected and he was excited to see the news of the new release date for the 10-part documentary. Still, MJ stole the night and left people wishing for more. As for James' new show, we don't have any clue.

For the next four weeks, every Sunday, MJ will continue dominating the ratings in prime time. He wanted to show why he is the GOAT and he certainly did on Sunday night.