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LeBron James Had To Play 1-On-5 Against The Spurs Because The Other Lakers Players Didn’t Care Enough To Cross Halfcourt To Help Him

LeBron James Had To Play 1-on-5 Against The Spurs Because The Other Lakers Players Didn’t Care Enough To Cross Halfcourt To Help Him

The Los Angeles Lakers extended their losing streak to 4 games last night. At their last official game at the Staples Center, the Lakers ended up losing to the San Antonio Spurs. It was a disappointing performance from the Lakers, who let yet another solid LeBron James performance go to waste.

Both LeBron and Russell Westbrook had spectacular games, scoring 30 points or more. But the rest of the team did not show up. The perfect example of the Lakers not giving LeBron the help he needed came during the game when the rest of the Lakers let LeBron try to play 1-on-5 against the entire San Antonio Spurs squad.

After a tussle for the ball between the Lakers and the Spurs, DeAndre Jordan won the ball and threw a long pass for LeBron James. 

Thinking that he would get a quick bucket, the other Lakers' players stayed back. But all 5 Spurs players quickly ran back, thus leaving LeBron completely alone to take on them, before Isaiah Thomas and the other Lakers players eventually made their way over to help him out.

This play was emblematic of the Lakers' current run. LeBron James has been playing consistently spectacular basketball for the Lakers. But the rest of his teammates are not contributing at the level that they need to in order for the Lakers to win.

Many will point to the fact that the Lakers have several players on their team who are either injured or in the NBA's COVID-19 protocols. But the truth of the matter is that the Lakers were not any better even before these players went out. Dwight Howard believes the Lakers will be better come playoff time.

Few teams in NBA history have started a season so inconsistently and then gone on to win the NBA championship the very same year. So it isn't an exaggeration when we say that it will take something truly historic for the Los Angeles Lakers to be the 2022 NBA champions.