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Dwight Howard Says The Lakers Will Play Better In The Playoffs: "We Good Man. It's Early."

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Dwight Howard

There are a lot of teams that end up getting better in the playoffs for one reason or another. Usually, those teams are experienced contenders who pace themselves during the regular season to be at their best in the playoffs.

Dwight Howard has previously claimed that this was going to be the case for the Los Angeles Lakers. When speaking to TMZ Sports, Dwight Howard stated that the Lakers are "gonna be ready by the time the playoffs start" and added that's when the team will "start dominating". Paul Kasabian of Bleacher Report relayed the news.

We good, man. It's early," Howard said. "We gonna be ready by the time the playoffs start. That's when we start dominating."

The Lakers also have a nearly brand-new roster from last year, with the only holdovers being James, Davis and Talen Horton-Tucker. Naturally, it's taking time for the team to form chemistry, especially with the group being short-handed all year.

"This is a brand-new team than it was in 2020. All of us are really trying to learn how to play together and get our games going," Howard noted.

The Los Angeles Lakers have performed below expectations thus far in the season, and even if Dwight Howard. After their recent loss to the San Antonio Spurs, they have now lost 4 in a row and they currently possess a 16-17 record. There is no question that things look dire for them. While some teams have the ability to "flip the switch", and go into a different mindset for the playoffs, this Lakers team just hasn't looked like a contender.

There have been people who have suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers could go on a run and put together a good stretch over 10 or 11 games. We'll see if that ends up happening, but it certainly seems as though Dwight Howard isn't worried about the team's future chances whatsoever.