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LeBron James' 'I Promise' Foundation Has Pledged To Build Multi-Million Dollar Medical Facility In Akron

LeBron James

For all of the things that LeBron James has done on the basketball court, it is his activities off the court that have made the biggest impact.

Now, just days after paying a surprise visit to his school in Akron, James' 'I Promise' foundation has made plans to construct a multi-million medical facility in the city that will only further the support for local students and families in his hometown.

(via Akron Beacon Journal):

Tuesday's announcement of the new I Promise HealthQuarters furthers his contention that a holistic approach is needed to make change not only in a child's life but for the student's entire family.

The new I Promise HealthQuarters will be the latest addition to the growing set of resources offered by James' namesake foundation and will be situated right across the street from the now-under-construction House Three Thirty.

Like the old Tangier, the property and building was owned by the George family that has operated Bell Music Co. — which supplies arcade-type amusements to businesses — for decades out of the structure that includes offices and a large warehouse space.

Once the renovations are complete, the West Market Street HealthQuarters will offer full medical, dental, optometry, and mental health services and counseling not only to I Promise students but also their families in both the general program and the school the foundation operates just down the street.

After recently being exposed as a billionaire, it's nice to see that LeBron is putting his stockpile of wealth to good use. Unlike a lot of pro players, he is making it a priority to not only invest and grow his network but to also give back and support those who are less fortunate than him.

Good on the James family for using their resources to help others. Needless to say, everyone is excited about the future of the 'I Promise' foundation and all the projects they might launch down the road.