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LeBron James In 2017: 'I Don't Believe I've Played For A Super Team'

(via Sportige)

(via Sportige)

LeBron James has been fortunate enough to play with not one, not two, but six NBA All-Stars over the course of his career. Among them are Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love -- all players who were (at one point in time) the first option for their teams.

Still, in a postgame press conference back in 2017, James said he had never played for a superteam.

"I don't believe I've played for a superteam. I don't believe in that."

Even back then, that pill was hard to swallow and nobody was really buying it. Two days later, on ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith pretty much called him out on the contradiction.

"I mean, he told on himself because he said 'I don't believe in superteams' and then in the very next sentence says 'I believe I have a superteam here.' So clearly he recognizes that there are superteams that exist because he thinks he's on one despite the fact that his superteam just lost."

It seems not even LeBron believed in the notion that superteams didn't exist. Three years later, we don't really know how he thinks of superteams now.

But with him and Anthony Davis in L.A., one could argue he's now on his third. -- but who's keeping track?