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LeBron James On His 18th Season: “I Train My Body For Whatever. I’m Not Your Typical Guy In His 18th Season… I Train My Body For A Marathon… They Say If You Stay Ready, You Never Have To Get Ready.”

LeBron James Grades Los Angeles Lakers' Performance After First 10 Games: "I Think We’ve Played B, B+ Basketball, And That’s OK."

LeBron James just started his 18th season in the NBA and it doesn't look like he's been around that long. The King has left a mark on the league already and he's not stopping anytime soon. LeBron knows he won't beat father time but he will try to take the most advantage of his body and conditioning while he can.

James and his Lakers beat Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks in their Christmas Day matchup, getting a 138-115 victory over the Texans, to get their first win of the season. After the game, he talked about the fact that he's stayed playing at the highest level for quite some time, explaining that he always tries to get ready and is always training to stay in the best possible shape.

While talking to reporters, he revealed his secret to always be ready to go in important games. He proved that against the Mavericks and the Lakers had a very good victory after falling short to the Clippers on Tuesday.

“I train my body for whatever. I’m not your typical guy in his 18th season … I train my body for a marathon… they say if you stay ready, you never have to get ready," LeBron said after the game.

That's the formula he's been using since he first entered the league and he's not changing any of that. LeBron is all about his body and that has paid off for him. He's four days away from turning 36 and Bron still plays like he's still in his 20s. Of course, having the help of Anthony Davis has been a blessing for him but LeBron is still doing his job, leading the Lakers to win their 17th NBA title last October in the bubble.