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LeBron James Ran Away From Group Of Women Who Followed Him Through An Escalator

LeBron James Ran Away From Group Of Women Who Followed Him Through An Escalator

Being an NBA player is already a big reason to get a lot of attention wherever you go. Being the face of the league is even bigger, even if you have managed to keep it under control for most of your career. 

LeBron James is the biggest name in the association right now, and wherever he goes, fans go crazy. Men and women alike try to get The King's attention when they see him, but Bron knows what options deserve his energy and what don't. 

In a recent video, the four-time NBA champion was spotted leaving a place and a group of women tried to approach him. Bron quickly left that site and ran through an escalator. This proved to be an excellent trick for the player, as he ran down the wrong escalator, leaving no chance for the ladies to chase him anymore. 

It's a short but entertaining video that shows LeBron quickly getting out of there to avoid talking to women that were trying to get his attention. 

LeBron is a married man, with three kids, who has never been involved in an off-court scandal of any kind. The King is one of the players that have a clean record of his personal life, never cheating on his wife or disrespecting her in any way. Instead, he constantly praises his high school sweetheart, Savannah James, demonstrating how proud he is of her. 

They have one of the most inspiring and beautiful love stories, and it's crazy to think that LBJ would throw that away for some random ladies that showed up one night. 

He's a smart man that knows where his mind and heart are. Mad respect for LeBron and his tactics to get out of a situation that could have brought him many problems at home.