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LeBron James Reacts To Tom Brady's First Game In Los Angeles

LeBron James Reacts To Tom Brady's First Game In Los Angeles

When it comes to basketball, LeBron James rules. As the star and face of the NBA, he is followed by one of the biggest spotlights in sports.

One of the few athletes on this earth who can compare to LeBron's illustrious career is Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who is not only a 7x Super Bowl Champion but also still the face of his sport at the ridiculous age of 44.

Considering those factors, it's really no wonder why LeBron holds such respect and admiration for the star quarterback. 

Over the years, we've seen LeBron grow more vocal about his fandom for the legend, and he did it again not long ago, posting a Tweet to honor the QB's first =-ever game in Los Angeles.

LeBron and Brady seem to have a lot in common. As the pioneers for their respective sports, they both have an incredible work ethic, unrivaled passion, and a track record of excellence.

"At our age, we can still dominate our sport. ... We have one common goal and that's to win and win at the highest level."

This season, Brady will be looking to capture his 8th Championship, a rather unbelievable feat that will only solidify his already convincing claim as football's GOAT.

As for LeBron -- he, too, will be looking to capture another title. After suffering a brutal defeat in the very first round, the Lakers re-tooled their roster with the hopes of getting back on track.

It remains to be seen whether the Lakers have what it takes, but so long as they have LeBron James, they should be able to compete with the very best.

In the meantime, "King" James will continue to sit back and watch guys like Brady do their thing. After all, who better to appreciate greatness than a guy who knows it so well?