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LeBron James Sends A Message To Lakers Fans: "So Ready To Get Back Out There..."

LeBron James Posts Special Message On Instagram As He Enjoys The Offseason: "I Love The Grind So Damn Much"

After another abysmal season, the Los Angeles Lakers are doing whatever they can to improve the state of the roster this summer.

Of course, the biggest concern is LeBron James, who turns 38 in December. How much longer can he keep playing at an elite level? Has he lost any motivation?

Well, in a tweet on Monday, the Lakers star sent a message that should terminate any doubts.

"Man I can't wait for the fall! So ready to get back out there! So motivated."

This is new territory for LeBron. Unlike a lot of stars today, he's not used to missing out on the playoffs, and still laments how this season played out for the team.

"I took my wife to her dream destination, to the Maldives, right after the season. She never thought I would go," said James. "Every time she asked me about it I'll be like, 'no, it's too fucking long. It's too far.' I just got done playing in June. Only have a month and a half to relax before I get going'. So, when I told her we was going, she still didn't believe me. She didn't believe me until we pulled up to the plane and she was like, 'oh shit, you were serious. I was literally in the Maldives, waking up at 3 in the morning watching the playoff games. Like every single game at 3 in the morning. As much as I don't want to watch it, 'cause it burns my stomach to not be a part of these games, 'cause is the best time to play basketball. Like the fan in me can not- I just love it."

With Russell Westbrook likely to stick around, everything hinges on the role players. If Rob Pelinka brings in the right pieces to help the "big three," it could be all the Lakers need to become title contenders.

Either way, don't expect them to roll over when the next season begins.