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LeBron James Shares Powerful Message For Kobe Bryant: "Hope I’ve Made You Proud My Brother!! Love And Miss You Champ!!"

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

One of the biggest inspirations the Los Angeles Lakers had for this season was Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest Lakers ever, who was killed in a fatal helicopter crash last January 26. The Lakers took that as an inspiration and they wanted to pay homage to Kobe. What better way than a championship? Well, they did it on Sunday night, fulfilling the promise they made when Kobe surprisingly left this world.

LeBron James, a very good friend of Bryant, remembered him after the Lakers won the title on Sunday night, but we all know that wasn't the end for him. On Wednesday night, he took to Instagram to pay his respect to Kobe after almost nine months since he passed.

"Hope I’m made you proud my brother!! Love and miss you Champ!! 🐍💜💛 #BlackMamba 24•8•2❤️"

Kobe's death still feels unreal and it'll take so much time to get over it. He left this world at a young age when he was just starting to discover life outside basketball. People will never forget him and Bron spoke on behalf of everybody who knew Kobe when he said we miss him and love him.

The Mamba left a huge mark on this world, and that will never be erased. We're pretty sure he's smiling, happy to see his team back at the top of the world, as he predicted in 2018. Mamba Forever!