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Lil Wayne Makes Shocking Prediction About The Los Angeles Lakers: "I Believe We Can Go All The Way"

Lil Wayne Makes Shocking Prediction About The Los Angeles Lakers: "I Believe We Can Go All The Way"

The Los Angeles Lakers are always going to be a team that people expect a lot from. After all, it's the legendary LA Lakers, so the expectation to deliver is always more for them. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the team, fans expect at least a deep playoff run but what they got last season was a humiliating regular season that saw them finish below the San Antonio Spurs in the regular season.

The last time we saw Bron and AD healthy together, they won a title in 2020. Rapper Lil Wayne is expecting that to happen again this season, going on Undisputed and saying that the Lakers can win the title this season even if they keep Russell Westbrook on the squad.

“Beyond being a fan, I believe we can go all the way. I believe the Lakers can go as far as LeBron (James) can take them. As far as AD (Anthony Davis) can take them, as far as his health can take them. I think if LeBron and AD are out there, I don’t think Russ (Westbrook) can hurt them. You’ve gotta remember, it’s not like LeBron and AD were out there – he (Westbrook) didn’t do that (dominate the ball and force the offense) while they were out there.” (h.t Heavy)

Do The Lakers Have Enough For A Title Run?

In theory, yes, the Lakers could win the title on the backs of LeBron and David alone. In terms of a duo, LeBron and AD are still arguably the best in the league when it comes to pure talent. When there are 2 talented players like that, you just need the bare minimum role-players around them to maximize their performances. Even Shaquille O'Neal thinks LBJ and AD could be enough for LA to compete for a title.

The Lakers have signed good role players this offseason and will hope that their team doesn't fall apart because of injuries for a third consecutive season. Wayne has shown his belief in the team. The only question is whether the team will actually prove something on the court this season.