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Luka Doncic On NBA Playoffs: "I’ve Been In Playoffs Before, Just In Europe. It’s Tough To Play In Europe Too. A Way Higher Level In The NBA But The Same Emotion, So You Gotta Be Ready.”

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Luka Doncic has activated playoff mode and he's ready to take on the big favorites Angeles Clippers in the first round of the postseason. The Dallas Mavericks didn't have many expectations around them before the start of the season but Doncic and co. demonstrated that this team is ready to compete and now are about to face Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and the rest of the Clippers, considered the deepest team in the league.

This will be Luka's first playoffs appearance in the league but he's not afraid of the challenge. This kid is playing basketball in big stages since he was a teenager and he's not running away from anything or anybody now. During a press conference, the Slovenian point guard talked about his approach to the series, stating that he doesn't feel nervous since he's been in this position before.

“Yeah, it’s the playoffs. I’ve been in playoffs before, just in Europe. It’s not the same level but it’s the same emotions and I’m excited for it for sure,” and added. “I’m gonna lean on that. It’s tough to play in Europe too. A way higher level in the NBA but the same emotion, so you gotta be ready.”

Doncic also talked about the mental health he'll have with the defenders. The Clippers counts with Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Paul George, all players that like to trash talk opponents but he's not worried about that, either.

“I’m not worried, I’m used to it,” Doncic said. “I’ve been dealing with that since a couple of years. But yeah they’re physical, that’s the other problem. They’re going to be talking. They have Patrick Beverley then they have Paul George and Kawhi, who are amazing defenders. They have Zubac too, who I think is a very underrated inside defender too. It’s going to be tough. We got to be physical.”

This will be an extremely difficult series for the Mavs. Even though plenty of people see the Clippers as the biggest favorites to win the title, the Mavs can make some noise and complicate things for the Californians in the first round. Doncic already shocked the world when he led Real Madrid to win the EuroLeague as a teenager, and he's ready to surprise everybody once again.