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Luka Doncic's Trainer Confirms He's Been Staying In Shape This Offseason: "He Remains Active. I Am In Contact With Him Almost On A Daily Basis. He Keeps His Shape."

Luka Doncic

It may be a relatively quiet offseason for Luka Doncic and the Mavericks, but that doesn't mean nobody has noticed how hard he's been working.

This summer, the Slovenian star has really been working out -- and it has drawn a pretty significant amount of attention his way.

Earlier in the offseason, a picture of Luka playing for Slovenia showed that he is already looking to be in great shape. A recent picture a fan took with Luka on vacation has shown that Luka is staying in shape through the summer, looking noticeably trim. Fans have naturally gotten excited about what skinny Luka may look like next season.

It has gone just beyond the pictures now. With fans imagining what an in-shape and fully conditioned Doncic could do, his trainer dropped some further details about Luka's new form, confirming that fans aren't just imagining his slender new shape.

(via Martin Pavcnik of SportKlub)

“Shortly after the end of the season, he contacted me and said that he wanted to start conditioning immediately,” said Anze Macek, trainer for the Slovenian national team. “Together with Goran Dragic, they worked for three weeks. The national team action followed. When he went on vacation, he asked me for a work plan. He remains active. I am in contact with him almost on a daily basis. He keeps his shape. He will upgrade everything in the national team training, where he will prepare for maximum efforts (h/t ClutchPoints).”

Doncic has been fabulous throughout his career so far, but there have been some complaints about the way he starts seasons. Each year so far, he has stared off slow and lethargic, having to play his way into NBA shape.

But if he can begin several steps ahead of the process, Doncic might be able to string together his best campaign yet.