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Magic Johnson Questions The Kyrie Irving/Kevin Durant Duo After Game 3 Loss: "I'm Wondering If They Are A Good Fit..."

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With their backs against the wall, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving haven't responded how most fans imagined they would. Despite needing a win in Game 3, they dropped the ball and underperformed in a 109-103 loss to Boston.

The series isn't technically over yet, but nobody has faith in a comeback with the way KD and Kyrie are playing.

On Twitter, legendary NBA point guard Magic Johnson dropped his take on the state of the duo, publicly questioning if they're a good match.

I’ve seen some of the best duos that have ever played in the NBA in my 40 years of being associated with the league. After watching the first three games between the Celtics and the Nets, I’m wondering if Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are a good fit.

Durant and Kyrie have seen shockingly little success since joining the Nets together in 2019. Durant was out for that first season, they got bounced in Round 2 last year, and are now on the verge of being swept in the very first round by a young and relatively inexperienced Boston crew.

It's a reality that nobody saw coming... well, maybe nobody except for Magic. Back in early April (before the playoffs even began) Magic stated his disbelief that the Nets are capable of winning a title.

"I think they'll win the play-in, I'm not worried about that when you have Kyrie and you have Kevin Durant. They're gonna beat the Hornets or whoever seed in there, I think you can get the best record, being in Miami and you can get the Brooklyn Nets. Listen, in a short series or a 7-game series with Kyrie and Kevin Durant, they (Brooklyn Nets) can win a series. They just can't win the championship. But they can win definitely a series or two," said Magic.

Of course, even Magic didn't foresee how bad things would get for the Nets. With no James Harden or Ben Simmons, it's up to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to go out with some dignity and strength.

Already down 3-0, and with hardly anything left to play for, the Nets will have to find their own motivation to bring the fight in game 4 and avoid further embarrassment.