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Malcolm Brogdon Appreciates The Celtics Spending To Add Him: "They're Willing To Have A Guy That They're Paying $20 Million Per Year Come Off The Bench As The Sixth Man And Try To Win A Championship."

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Malcolm Brogdon is a solid point guard who is well-known for his shooting ability. He was recently traded to the Boston Celtics, where he will likely assume a sixth-man role behind Marcus Smart.

When speaking on a podcast recently, Malcolm Brogdon shared his appreciation for the Boston Celtics spending money to try and win a championship, pointing out that they are paying him "$20 million per year" to "come off the bench". It is clear that the Boston Celtics did not settle after their Finals run and found a way to get even better as a team.

“I really want to get back to winning on a high level, I want to win a championship. So whatever I can sacrifice to get back to that championship level, I’m willing to do it.”

“I think it really is a testament to the Boston Celtics and how much they want to win … they’re willing to have a guy that they’re paying $20 million per year come off the bench as the 6th man and try to win a championship.”

There is no doubt that Malcolm Brogdon is an impactful player. Brogdon's offense will be key for the Celtics because, at times, the Celtics' offense was very poor during the playoffs. Having another versatile offensive player like Brogdon will definitely help with that issue. His defense isn't awful either, and he can guard both guard positions just fine.

Hopefully, we see the Boston Celtics get back to the NBA Finals next season. They lost three games in a row in the Finals to the Golden State Warriors, and their inexperience on the highest stage was on display. Marcus Smart notably claimed that he's had sleepless nights over the Celtics losing the Finals. The Celtics will likely be more hungry than ever next season, though, and perhaps Malcolm Brogdon is the piece to take them over the top and help them win a championship.