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Marcus Smart On Guarding Steph Curry: "If You Aren’t Ready For Battle, Don’t Step In The Gym."

Stephen Curr

Ahead of his matchup against the Warriors on Wednesday, Celtics guard Marcus Smart revealed his mindset as he prepared to guard the NBA's greatest shooter.

Per NBA Insider Keith Smith, Smart confirmed that he always looks forward to playing the 2x MVP.

Marcus Smart on guarding Stephen Curry: "If you aren't ready for a battle, don't step in the gym. You know he's going to make you work and run all over the floor."

Asked if he likes guarding Curry, Smart said: "Love it. Gonna get my cardio in. Love the challenge."

Curry's famous off-ball movement keeps his defenders on the move, and he doesn't stop until he gets an open look.

Marcus Smart understands this well, but he's not the only player to recognize one of the secrets to Curry's game.

“I would say probably Steph [Curry] because he just don’t stop moving,” said Damian Lillard. “When you play against Steph, it’s not even like when he has the ball, it is when he won’t have the ball. He’s just running all over the place, they screen for him and it’s like it’s a heavy workload when you’re playing against him because he don’t stop moving,” Lillard said. “He’ll make any shot, he’ll shoot any shot, it’s like ‘Damn.’”

This season, even amid one of the least efficient seasons of his career, Steph remains an impossible assignment.

This season, he's averaging 25.8 points, 6.4 assists, and 5.3 rebounds per game on 43.8% shooting. The Warriors are near the top of the West standings at 47-22.

After Wednesday's match against the red hot Celtics, Steph and his crew will enjoy three days off before facing the San Antonio Spurs early next week.