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Mark Cuban Believes Luka Doncic Is 'Top 1 Or 2' Best NBA Player Right Now: "He's A Beast. He's So Good And He's Adding Stuff To His Game This Summer."

Luka Doncic Releases An AI Version Of Himself With Dedicated Twitter Account

Luka Doncic could be the future face of the NBA if he continues going down the path he's on. Doncic has been in MVP conversations since his sophomore season in 2019-20 and just capped his season off with a run to the Western Conference Finals where they were outmatched by the eventual champions, Golden State Warriors.

Doncic is one of the fastest-rising talents in the NBA and is already being selected as the favorite for the MVP award next season. With the departure of Jalen Brunson and the Mavs not signing a replacement for a backup guard, Luka's usage could go up next season and further enhance his already incredible stats.

Doncic has averaged 26.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 8 assists in his NBA career so far, and averaged 32.5 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 7.9 assists in his 3 playoff appearances. Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban believes Doncic is already a top-2 player in the NBA and is adding more moves to his arsenal this summer. 

"We get along great. He's just a good, good guy. He's 23, just chills, got a girlfriend, likes to hang, likes to play video games, and watch basketball, you know."

"Luka? Top 1 or 2. He's a beast. He's adding stuff to his game this summer, he's going to come back even better." 

There have been plenty of images of Luka in great shape through this offseason. Considering the heavy load Doncic is taking on this summer with earlier representing Slovenia in FIBA World Cup qualifiers and going for EuroBasket in September, it makes sense for Doncic to be in the best possible shape for his country.

Whether he can come into the NBA pre-season after this heavy summer in shape is the question. Hopefully, he's learned his mistakes from last season after he struggled to get back into shape after the Olympics and suffered an ankle injury early in December as a result.