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Mark Cuban Criticizes The Play-In Tournament: "It Led To Playoff Games Being Played Every Other Night. Which Raises The Question Of Whether That Has Led To Teams Being Tired And Possibly Injured."

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Mark Cuban

The play-in tournament was a relatively recent addition to the NBA schedule, and it is a tournament that puts seeds 7 through 10 in each conference through a series of games that will determine whether they make the playoffs. 

Generally, the play-in tournament has been viewed as a positive addition to the NBA schedule. Many people have noted that it creates exciting basketball, as teams are forced to compete in a "win or go home" setting. In fact, Kyle Kuzma and Draymond Green are both players that have spoken in support of it previously:

Kyle Kuzma: Play in was a Fabulous idea

Draymond Green: At this point if you don’t appreciate the play in tournament, you’re just stubborn and stuck in your ways. LIT!!! I’m locked in! Tough to win in the Q during the playoffs!

While the play-in tournament obviously has its supporters, there are definitely some people who dislike it. Recently, Mavericks governor Mark Cuban has pointed out that the play-in tournament has "led to playoff games being played every other night", and stated that this fact "raises the question of whether that has led to teams being tired and possibly injured":

As fun as the Play-In Tournament was, it led to playoff games being played every other night. Which raises the question of whether that has led to teams being tired and possibly injured. We can’t extend the last day because of TV. Should the PlayIn be just 8th seed or not at all?

There is no doubt that increased basketball could potentially lead to injuries for the players due to wear and tear on their bodies. However, there have also been certain injuries in the playoffs that are simply freak accidents and were unpreventable.

Hopefully, we see a reduction in injuries during the playoffs in the future. Injuries are one of the worst parts of sports, and there is no doubt that nobody likes to see players get injured.