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Michael Jordan And Crew Land 442-Pound Marlin In Big Rock Tournament

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Michael Jordan returned to the headlines when he was spotted in his hometown North Carolina to compete again. This time, though, we aren't going to see His Airness on the court, attacking the rim, dribbling the ball, and scoring points throughout 48 minutes.

MJ was spotted in his "Catch 23" boat in Morehead City and the boat was later registered in the Big Rock Tournament. Over 200 boats entered this year's event and MJ's is one of those. The week started pretty well for Jordan and his team, who made an instant impact on the tournament, surprising everybody in the second day of competition.

Jordan and his team pulled in a 442.3-pound blue marlin on Tuesday, earning an impressive rank. With the 442-pound marlin, MJ's team would rank fifth in terms of the heaviest marlin caught so far.

The 6x NBA champion couldn't hide his excitement to be back home and had some words for the crowd in the post-catch interview.

"It's been a while since I've been back in Morehead City. It's only about 100 miles from Wilmington, and it's always great for me to be able to come back," Jordan said, via ESPN. "I'm happy to be back. Thank you for inviting me.""This is a chance for me to come back home," he said. "Every chance I get, I love to come back home."

The event will finish on June 13, so His Airness will have a couple of more days to catch a bigger fish and improve his position on the tournament's leaderboard.