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Michael Jordan's Agent: 'I Think He'd Average 50-60 A Game In Today's NBA'

(via NBA)

(via NBA)

David Falk, famous for being the manager of Michael Jordan during his stellar NBA career, has predicted how Michael would fare in today's NBA with the new rules and the way the game is played at this moment.

For Falk, Jordan would be a complete nightmare for his opponents, showing total dominance over every single team in the association. He joined NBC Sports Washington's "The Junkies" show on 106.7 FM to discuss 'The Last Dance' docuseries, which features His Airness and his last year as part of the Chicago Bulls that won six titles in the 90s.

The veteran agent claimed MJ would average 50 or 60 points in today's NBA, something unthinkable nowadays. However, Falk is confident MJ can do that and more.

"With virtually zero defense, no hand-checking, I think if Jordan played today -- if he was in his prime in today's rules, I think he'd average between 50 and 60 (points) a game," he said. "I think he'd shoot 75 percent from the floor.

"If you couldn't hand-check him, he would be completely unstoppable."

Jordan was one of the deadliest scorers in the league during his active days. It's not a fluke he's considered the greatest player of all time and he would be awesome in any era. Perhaps having worked with him makes Falk say those types of things about him, but he might have a solid point there. MJ's offensive skills would create a lot of trouble for defenders in today's game.

The only player able to average 50 or more points per game in NBA history is the late Wilt Chamberlain in 1961-62. We all know Wilt was a specimen, but for Falk, MJ could easily emulate the things Chamberlain did on the floor.