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Michael Rapaport On LeBron James Criticizing The Play-In Tournament: "I Think It’s F**king Embarrassing."

Michael Rapaport On LeBron James Criticizing The Play-In Tournament- "I Think It’s F**king Embarrassing."

As the face of NBA basketball, and a global influencer, LeBron James is under an intense spotlight, and practically anything he does is going to be scrutinized.

So when he went on record to blast the NBA's play-in tournament, nobody was surprised to hear the critics fire back.

Though, Michael Rapaport took things up another level, calling Bron's stance "embarrassing."

“I think it’s f**king embarrassing. He never discussed the play-in tournament. He was all for it. The last it was discussed. When he said teams should fight it out. He named specific teams, he didn’t mention it during the bubble. He didn’t mention it all season long.

It’s not even a two out of three, you got to play two extra games. These guys get paid so much money. They’re so f**king entitled. And and it has to do with not just athletes. I think it has to do with, you know, people of that age. And I think it’s unfair for them to be complaining. I think it’s unfair that LeBron James said that somebody should be fired over this when he he had never mentioned it in the past. Except for that, he was all for it.”

For those that aren't aware, LeBron did actually show support for the play0in last year, contradicting his statements calling for whoever made it up to be fired.

Rapaport also has a good point in saying that the play-in tournament will only really add a few more games to the schedule.

Still, especially this season, it's adding an extra burden on the bodies of players, who already have to endure a 70+ game campaign.

Nonetheless, it seems the status of the play-in will remain a hot topic for the NBA community.