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Myles Turner Shares What An Average Day Is Like For Him During The NBA Season

Myles Turner Shares What An Average Day Is Like For Him During The NBA Season

Many people dream of being an NBA player, but not everybody who tries to have a career in the association actually makes it. Many players came close and don't make it to the league, whole others arrive and struggle to maintain on a roster. 

This is not an easy job, albeit some think once you make it, things got easier. Well, that's not the case if you're a true competitor. When Kobe Bryant arrived, he worked hard to get better, never losing passion for the game. With all the technology at our disposition, it's interesting to see how hard or easy things are for players. 

Recently, Indiana Pacers' big man Myles Turner shared a TikTok video trying to explain an average day in his life as an NBA player. 

It all starts with Turner getting his breakfast done to eat at the team's facility. He takes his treatment before eating breakfast. After he's done, he hit the gym to lift some weights, before taking on the court to practice some shots, especially 3-pointers. Then he practices with the whole team, before taking a shower and returning to his house. 

Once he's back, he eats lunch, plays video games and with his lego, which he happens to be a huge fan of. After that, Myles goes to the arena to support the G League team before returning home and eating a very good-looking dinner. 

It's really cool to see how a normal day goes for an NBA player. Turner is a regular TikTok user and this perspective is good for the video. The big man stayed with the Pacers after they traded Domantas Sabonis to Sacramento ahead of the trade deadline. 

Indiana now has a solid young guard in Tyrese Haliburton, somebody that can mesh very well with Turner trying to help the team become contenders in the future.