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NBA Fan Finds Out That Tim Duncan Has An Instagram Account With Only 2,864 Followers


Tim Duncan was never the loudest NBA player of all. The San Antonio Spurs legend always kept a low profile during his career, which hasn't changed after he called it quits in 2016. 

He never had a presence on social media. Or that's what we thought. But, recently, an NBA fan (s/o Redditor "bloppingzef") found out that the big man has a joint Instagram account to share his adventures with Travis Cox, a former USMC Recon Sniper.

It’s called Squatch and Cox and is described as “The adventures of the Basketball playing Sasquatch (Tim Duncan) and Former USMC Recon Sniper (Travis Cox).” It only has 18 total entries, most of which are pictures of the two hanging out.

This is incredible to know and watch. TD seems to be having a great time with Cox, going on various adventures, including NBA games, fishing trips, and more. 

They have a profound connection and don't hesitate to show that every time they post something. This isn't the most active account of all, but you can see the former NBA star and the sniper having fun in each of these pics. 

TD was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame last May 15, and Cox congratulated him with a lengthy post on the account. This was the last time they updated the page.